Explore the easy admissions process

1.Select your class?
2.Say “Yes” to showing up
3. Be Passionate about Learning
4. Share your Learning experience with others
5 Commitment to being a Great” Role Model in Life”

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Life experience credits

You can get a head start on earning your certificate by seeing how easy it is to transfer life experience. To enter any of our World Class Educational Schools

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Paying for Education

Once you decide to become a RMU forward thinker, you have a variety of choices available to pay and finance this unique education.. We’ll help make some of those financial decisions easier by explaining all of your options in detail.
Classes are small — on average 10-15 students — to ensure you’ll get the person to person attention you need whether you’re taking a class online or at one of our worldwide event locations. Learn more about our Forward Thinking Change maker Educational experience.

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