Benefits of the Course:
Choosing music and film in a Divine Wellness Way can elevate our lives and those we touch. To success, joy,
harmony and happiness in all areas!

Makes life on purpose to fulfill one’s aspirations. Full of happiness, gratitude and true abundance!

Positive influence on everyone in your life through a high vibration of attracting positive people, circumstances
and contentment in living!

What makes music special for you? If lyrics. Why? If melody. Why?

Today we will explore ways that will enhance your listening skills and your experience of music and film.
Tones that you hear in music have a unique vibration. Assuming that sound waves interact with waves in our
body, how do we know what kind of music to listen to? Music with rhythms that match our heartbeat will
improve our wellbeing. Studies have shown that Rock and Heavy Metal music exposure can kill a plant,
while Classical music stimulates the plant’s growth! Recorded sounds of nature improve plant growth more
than classical music. Mother Nature’s lullabies are the most healing sounds for plants, pets and people!

Two really great sources for sound healing and sound vibration to explore this further are Dr. Jill Mattson,
Wings of Light Sound Healing and Dr. Masaru Emoto, Author of the inspiring “Hidden Messages in Water”.
In Divine Music Therapy, we listen for words to uplift and motivate us; to become a positive influence in our world
with an intention of wellness for ourselves and others. “Wellness” being the highest vibrational word in the English
language now – incorporating the vibration of both Love and Peace! Now there are two ways of listening to music –
actively and passively.

Active Listening: In active listening, you are focused with an intention of really understanding the music – without
diverting your attention to any other activity. You are engaged in the music 100 percent of the time; interacting with
the song and fully present…committed to the experience. It is a direct path to a deeper understanding of the music.
As a result, with the changes in the music comes a change in our emotional and mental states. Active listening
is critical to Divine Music Appreciation as it elevates our state of being quickly and easily! To have an intimate
understanding of the music we actively listen to transforms us with positive results in our lives!

Passive Listening: The passive listener will be doing something else while music plays in the background. It can
be described as being removed or distant from a song as listening is secondary to your focused primary activity.
Activities you will be passively listening to music would be commuting, exercising, meditation, dining, shopping, etc.;
passive listening is how most people listen to music. The Muzak Company was formed to provide music in
elevators, doctor’s offices, and shopping malls – all designed to improve and enhance the experience in the moment!

To wrap up. Active listening to music every day is truly the one skill we can all develop easily and with little effort.
It is one of the most elevated forms of creation, allowing us to be guided into higher vibrations of wellness, joy,
abundance and happiness! Active listening to Divine Music each day leads to create an authentic life for ourselves,
our families, friends and associates. The original Divine Blueprint of a successful life!

Homework: Set aside a least one hour a y to actively listen to Divine Music of your choice. Headphones will help!
Do the same for passive listening. Having the same piece of music playing in the background. How do you feel…
what thoughts and incentive for action in your life do you have?? Make notes and observation on differences.


Music speaks to us from our souls, expressing our deepest desires, needs and Divine Love for ourselves and all others.
Who are your favorite musicians right now in your life? What do you like about this music? have you ever thought about
where the songs originated from? According to History Matters from the Internet, we have been singing since the first
Europeans and Africans settled in North America in the early 16th Century. Referring to North and South America of course. Work songs, love songs hymns and dance tunes all provided a record of history. Coming up to the First and Second World Wars, music was used to help in the healing of traumatic injuries. The soldiers actively and passively engaged in musical activities that focused on relieving pain perception. Something that was noted by doctors and nurses at this time was the tremendous healing effect that music had on the veteran’s psychological, physiological, cognitive and emotional states. In the 1960’s, Registered Music Therapy programs were introduced to train people for careers in hospitals and nursing homes. Scientists and doctors began using clinical trials to prove the healing power of music. In the 1970’s, “New Age” music emerged without recognizable rhythm or melodies used primarily in yoga and meditation. Up to the turn of the century in 2000, more of population around the world uses music and technology for personal wellness. As an example, stress, sports and athletic training all use music in their success strategies. So..
bridging the healing elements of music therapy to the present day of incorporating Divine Music is seen as a successful tool for transformation. In the composition of Divine Songs, a form of Universal Healing is added called Reiki. This form of healing is based on the idea that unseen “life force” energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This energy healing of Reiki is part of the Divine Music Therapy. If one’s life force energy is low, then we are more likely to feel stress or get ill. Should it be high, then we are more likely to experience happiness and good health. The vibration of Reiki combined with nature sounds in Divine Music composition provides a catalyst for raising our conscious body vibration. We experience life with elevated positive thoughts that enable life to flow easier! A person becomes aware of creating circumstances of happiness and joy – infectious to all around them!
This is Divine Wellness. The original life path that creates abundance, harmony and happiness as a result of living!
A culture’s music is influenced by other aspects including social, economic organization and experience climate and access to technology. Example…”Stand By Me”. Playing for Change. Check out on YouTube!

HOMEWORK; Experience 5 examples of popular music and Divine Music from given handout. Comment on differences.

WEEK THREE; How Divine Music Therapy Enhances Children’s Development in Life

Ask class about personal experiences with favorite songs and musical instruments.
When a child is exposed to music of a high vibration early on in their life, the learning process is enhanced by promoting language development creativity, coordination and social development. Classical examples of such music are:  Pictures at an Exhibition – Mussorgsky, The Nutcracker , Peer Gynt Suite, Peter and the Wolf, Classics for Children with Arthur Fielder.  These pieces inspire children to know and learn the instruments in the orchestra and maybe they would like to study further on in life.  Divine Music Therapy provides a desire to be a better person and excel in life. Through the music from different parts of the world, a foundation is set to explore further all the wonders and magic of life!
Examples of songs used in Divine Music Therapy for Children are:

When We Were Four
The Eyes of a Child
Somewhere a Child Sleeps
Magical Child
A Mother’s Love

Kevin Liebert
Dan de Santos
Frank Mills
Michael Jones
Kevin Wood

HOMEWORK; Give 5 examples of popular children’s nursery songs and 5 examples of Divine Music Songs for children and compare your experiences. Thoughts and feelings.

WEEK FOUR; How Music Reflects on Adults in a Divine Music Therapy Program

By the time we reach adulthood, exposure to many forms of music is experienced and we attach to our favorites.  Divine Wellness Music Therapy takes the enjoyment further by transforming thoughts, feelings and actions to a higher vibration  As a result, a better quality of life for individual and those they touch!

Let’s experience how this can happen right now..example..Country Roads..J. Denver. And Beyond the Horizon..B. Mitchell.  All you need is Love..Beatles,,and All the Love In The World, Richard Clayderman.  Give Peace a Chance.. John and Yoko…and Expanding Peace…Philips/Wingfield.  How do you feel after listening to each piece? Any thoughts that is different from the ordinary? Any actions that you would like to take after this experience? Divine Wellness Music Therapy will transform a life of the ordinary to the extraordinary in all areas because of the expansive nature of the music that allows us to see all possibilities and opportunities to better the quality of one’s life and lifestyle.
DISCUSSION: Comments on above exercise
HOMEWORK: Give 5 examples of how Divine Music has influenced your life at the present time and why


A. Name 5 films that you like. How have they influenced your life. If at all?? Message to take away?? What do the films motivate you to do in your life for the better????
B. History of American Cinema
The cinema of the United States often referred to as Hollywood, has had a profound effect on cinema around the world since the early 20th Century. Four main periods of film making in the U.S. are:
     1. Silent Film Era _ 1894 – 1927
     2. Classical Hollywood Cinema 1927 – 1963
     3. New Hollywood – 1964 – 1982
     4. Contemporary 1982 – Present
Putting sound on film as a major turning point in cinema evolution in the Classical Period – beginning with The Talkies. Since the 1920’s, the American Film Industry has grossed more money every year than that of any other country in the world. Really!! Director D.W. Griffith was credited with developing film grammar. Orson Wells, Producer/Director/Actor made a picture of the newspaper business called “Citizen Kane” which is frequently cited as Critic’s Choice for All Time Greatest Film ever made.

Some of the most successful movies in the world are Gone With The Wind (1939), Star Wars (1977), Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009). This last motion picture, Avatar, was a game changer for motion pictures, as its production of visual effects was ground breaking in cinema among other notable firsts for this film such as using synthetic computer generated actors. Avatar is a great example of Divine Film Therapy, as it’s primarily an action adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and deep ecology. Caring for our environment. Important to note also is that Director of Avatar, James Cameron, said he wanted to make a movie with action and adventure but also have a “conscience “that maybe in the enjoying of this film will make you interact with nature and your fellow man differently”.
Cameron mentioned also that when people have an experience that is very powerful in the movie theatre, they want to go and share it; to be the person to bring their friends the news that this experience is something worth having in your life”.
This statement right here sums up the purpose of Divine Film Wellness Therapy. The whole purpose is to enjoy it,
understand the film’s message and transform your life by living the message or incorporating aspects of the film to enhance your life for the better.
DISCUSSION: Comments on experience from watching different genres of film..sci-fi, drama, romance
HOMEWORK; Watch Avatar at least once. Give your comments on experience and your take away motivation.

WEEK SIX: How Film Reflects on Children. How Children can Benefit from a Divine Film Wellness Lifestyle

We all learn from examples of good and bad behavior, true and false beliefs formed in childhood.  In clinical studies and observations of children around the world, by the age of six, most have learned about their immediate surroundings and desire new learning experiences.  They are ready to be more active participants in their world.  Some building blocks to incorporate include: feeling safe. Brain blocks learning when flooded with fear; feeling valued; continuity of bridging new information and actions to needs; creativity. Engaging the imagination in many different ways establishes stronger learning webs in the brain.  The more ways we can use these understandings the more available they are to us.

Using this information, when exposing a child to a movie that is based on Divine Wellness rather than entertainment, it will inspire the child to absorb the film’s message and transform them with each viewing. Examples. Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Free Willy, Ferngully One and Two

Message of each….class comments…

It is important for me to mention here that a children’s educator from the 1980’s was featured every week day on the Public Television System in the United States.  Fred Rogers was a true fine example of Divine Wellness Therapy.  His creation entitled “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” instilled kindness, respect for self and others, adventure and the joy of living happily in the world.  His legacy goes on to this day thank goodness!!  The benefits of a child living a Divine Wellness Lifestyle are many.  Instilling positive thoughts, values and behaviors of a high quality vibration motivates them to live a more inclusive, abundant and successful life in whatever they choose – making a positive contribution to society and the world with their aspirations and goals.  DISCUSSION: Movies that inspired and motivated you when you were young. What was the take away message?  What examples can you name of a Divine Film Children’s Classic ..why? In DFWT, the same principle applies, as with DMWT, not only is the film entertaining, bun and full of adventure, but it will also connect the child’s emotions and intellect with messages of inspiration, enabling them to interact with their world in a loving, compassionate way for themselves and world around them.

WEEK SEVEN; How Film Reflects on Adults. How Adults can Benefit from a Divine Film Wellness Lifestyle

From our favorite films of childhood go to form our choices of movies as adults.  As in childhood, the movies we watch can be entertaining – taking us on an adventure of another reality for a couple of hours – or it can inspire us; motivate us to do better in life.  This is the heart of Divine Film Wellness Therapy for adults. Not always do we have a mentor or someone who can help us navigate the experiences we face in life.  To be able to watch a film, think about what the movie is saying to us and compare it to any obstacles we are facing is a real positive method of becoming wellness oriented.  The results can be transformational!  Examples of Divine Wellness Films include: Shindler’s List. A real life account of a German Businessman who enables freedom for many Jewish people in Nazi wartime 1945..The Vow. A couple challenged with results from an accident finds their way to true love testament. It’s a Wonderful Life. What would life be like had you not been born. Choices of courage and doing the right thing. That is not always so easy. Pay It Forward. A young boy creates a good will movement full of kindness, generosity, warmth and gratitude.

HOMEWORK;  Watch at least two of these movies. Give your experience and observations.

WEEK EIGHT: How Music and Film Can Create a Divine Wellness Lifestyle

In order to lead a life of true abundance in all areas of your life, to experience every day a gift of joy and happiness; to extend these gifts to others creating a world of harmony and peace – this is a Divine Wellness Lifestyle. Let’s see how Music and Film can transform to this. If we can all agree that actions come from an emotion – a feeling that moves us forward in our lives, then music and film can enable us to envision a better life for ourselves. Our actions result in positive or negative consequences. The “soundtrack of our lives”. A phrase often used to refer to music favorites of growing up. Has enhanced both our good and challenged times. On a daily basis, we can use Divine Wellness Music to calm us, motivate us, and lift our spirits when life seems rough. Movies make the magic of drams real when watched again and again. Some message or words of influence from a character in the movie can transform the way we see our lives. These are simple tools to relate a divine Wellness Lifestyle. All one needs is the listening skill and dedication to become what those dreams of ours initiate.
Dreams really do come true…Life is but a dream….
A Divine Wellness Lifestyle with music and film as tools make it possible to live these words in a foundation to build this Lifestyle with every day that passes! DISCUSSION; Experiences gained from music and film in your life and how has it moved you??

WEEK NINE: Influences of Music and Film on Divine Wellness Lifestyle

Music influences us on a daily basis by the kind of artist we like; songs they put out; merchandising of their products, clothes, etc. The celebrity factor starts quite young these days; influencing a materialistic lifestyle of “getting” and “wanting to be a celebrity in your own life” style. The crossover aspects of rock, country, rap, hip hop and reggae move us to want to be like the artists who perform our favorite songs, dress like them or believe what they believe. This is well and good if you are using music and film as entertainment. Divine Wellness Music and Film are used to transform our lives to a positive way of living – making our world around us a better place for ourselves, our families and all associates we meet in the world.

There is one common thread around all the musical and film genres and that of course is LOVE (WELLNESS). The vibration of the word LOVE and PEACE as mentioned earlier in the course, are now instilled in the word Wellness – the highest vibrational word on the planet today. Using Wellness as part of your daily conversation will increase your beautiful vibration..yes..I know!!! In Divine Film Therapy, we are influenced by the soundtrack or music score; character’s dialogue and message that the movie gives to us. Of the thousands or so scenarios of how life can be played out – we can simply choose how we will conduct our actions and thoughts that motivate us to lead a life of harmony, happiness and contentment knowing we always have done our best with no regrets! Divine Wellness Music and Film bring us from the chaos and confusion of life in all its forms to one of harmony, abundance and a knowing that we, in our own way, are contributing to a more peaceful world This is the greatest gift to give ourselves and those we love! DISCUSSION: How has music and film influenced your life and lifestyle? What would you change?

WEEK TEN: How Divine Music Therapy can be fun in one’s life. Developing Programs for all ages.

Divine Music Therapy is all about the joy of living – so fun is just a by-product of experiencing the music!! For every circumstance, every emotional need, there is a song that can remedy life challenges back to clarity, peace and harmony.
Simply knowing what a prom is requiring at the moment, you, the Divine Music Therapist, will select from a wide range of songs a program of Wellness that will enable the person to feel that balance and centeredness for a Wellness Lifestyle. This truly is the fun – to actually see to transformation from one unbalanced state to one of joy and contentment with life!
DISCUSSION: Name some circumstances that Divine Music Therapy can enhance and list songs applicable.

WEEK ELEVEN: How Divine Film Therapy can be fun in one’s life…Developing Programs for all ages.

This is the most fun of all – watching a film from a perspective that once it is over, you will have a new perspective on your life and be transformed by what you have experienced.  This is the benefit of this program!  So, what will it be??

A film to uplift – maybe you or someone you know needs a motivation to bring more joy, abundance or laughter into your/their life??  Films selected for Divine Music Therapy are designed for one purpose – to transform one’s life from the ordinary routine to that of extraordinary wonder and wellness  Examples of states of transformation using Divine FT:

Yes, Man..Akeeah and the Bee….Pay it Forward…The Lion King. The Blind Side.  HOMEWORK; Establish a program using DFT for:  Unemployed person…invalid with broken bone…child challenged at school by bullying.


Review with Q&A

How Divine Music and Film Therapy can transform your life and those you touch!!